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Hello there! My name is Jackie and I am the owner of Bellevue Boards.

Jacqueline sipping champagne in front of the Eiffel Tower

I believe every occasion deserves a food spread that tastes and feels as special as a glass of champagne by the Eiffel Tower. (See what I did there?^ ;)

A Little About Me: 

A lover of delicious food spreads (ahem, charcuterie boards) and, of course, Newport, Rhode Island - it has always been a dream to own my very own small business in the City By The Sea. 
I am a graduate of Salve Regina University with both my undergraduate degree in Marketing and Business Administration and my Master of Business Administration degree. I am so lucky to have studied at such an incredible university, that also introduced me to my favorite place in the world - Newport! 
Jacqueline graduating in front of McAuley Hall, Salve Regina University
Prior to the pandemic, I was working as a France Country Specialist at a travel company based in Boston. I loved my job - I planned and sold trips to France all day, every day. Chatting on the phone with clients about stunning architecture, far-reaching landscapes and, yes, the oh-so-delicious wine and cheese tastings they soon would be experiencing. 
Jacqueline & her coworker, Emily, visiting Chateau Chenonceau in The Loire Valley!
Well, as you can assume, the travel industry was hit hard by Covid-19. I was furloughed for 7 months and never returned to my position. With so much time on my hands, I returned to Salve to get that MBA i mentioned earlier. (This was a "to-do" that had been placed on pause because, hey, life was busy!) But now was the time to return. I graduated in May 2021 and couldn't be more happy with how I made the best of 2020. 
Jacqueline graduating Salve Regina University with her MBA in May 2021
What was next? Well, a small business of my own and turning one of my favorite hobbies into a passion project was a no-brainer. I've been making charcuterie boards for family and friends for years and discovering the need for this type of business in our community was really exciting. I can't wait for you to try a Bellevue Board for yourself!