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The Importance of Food Safety, Proper Licensing & Certifications

The Importance of Food Safety, Proper Licensing & Certifications

Charcuterie is here to stay and so are proper food safety measures!

As simple as it may seem to start this type of business from your home kitchen, you can rest assured knowing Bellevue Boards takes food safety extremely seriously in order to give you the best and safest service possible.

Read more about Bellevue Boards and the proper licensing and certifications in place to operate legally below:

Rhode Island Department of Health - Certified Food Processor & Peddler

Bellevue Boards is a Certified Food Processor & Peddler by the Rhode Island Department of Health. Any charcuterie business without this certification is operating illegally. 

ServSafe Food Safety Manager Certification 

ServSafe Food Safety Manager Certification Training is administered by the National Restaurant Association in order to stay on top of the various and changing regulator requirements of Rhode Island to ensure that essential procedures and practices are implemented to create a culture of food safety. 

Bellevue Boards owner, Jacqueline Connor, is a Certified Food Safety Manager and prepares all products you receive from Bellevue Boards. 

ServSafe Allergen Certification

Preparing and processing foods that are at risk of cross contact with the 8 Major Food Allergens requires training to ensure the appropriate time and care is given to each board, whether serving someone with allergies or not. Customers must alert their allergies to Bellevue Boards when placing their order so proper safety measures can be put in place.  

Bellevue Boards owner, Jacqueline Connor, has completed the ServSafe Allergen Certification and prepares all products you receive from Bellevue Boards. 

Note: All Bellevue Boards products are prepared and processed in a facility with the risk of exposure to potential allergens. Therefore, customers with extreme sensitivities and allergies should exercise personal judgement when consuming. (May contain: milk, eggs, wheat, soy bean, peanuts or tree nuts).