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How Charcuterie Boards Became the Life of the Party

Leave it to the French. They invented the very concept of a restaurant, so it’s no surprise delicious charcuterie is a proudly French tradition. What is charcuterie? The word refers to cured and smoked meats, such as prosciutto and salami, or an array of meats served in combination. Cultures around the world over have similar practices, but the French perfected it and gave it a name worthy of its elegant flavor profile. Soon, charcutiers – those crafty butchers of ancient France - began supplementing charcuterie meats with cheeses, forming what would one day be known as charcuterie boards. Simple enough, right?  Not so fast. Today’s charcuterie boards have a variety of influences. Who could forget cheese platters?! A tool of social...

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The Mansions of Bellevue Avenue: America Reimagines Dining, Drinking and Dancing

You were lucky to be invited. Now that you’re here, you can hardly believe the extravagance. The floors, walls and staircase are all made of marble. Flemish tapestries and the finest European art hang from the walls as a pair of white swans relaxes in an indoor fountain. The earliest known Tiffany glass installation? It’s right there in the dining room. The year is 1885 and one of America’s wealthiest families is hosting more than 400 guests. The Vanderbilts are here. So are the Astors, the Fricks, and members of the Rockefeller and Carnegie families.  It’s just another night on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, Rhode Island during America’s Gilded Age. Nouveau riche barons of the industrial revolution resided on Fifth...

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Hello there! My name is Jackie and I am the owner of Bellevue Boards.

I believe every occasion deserves a food spread that tastes and feels as special as a glass of champagne by the Eiffel Tower. (See what I did there?^ ;) A Little About Me:  A lover of delicious food spreads (ahem, charcuterie boards) and, of course, Newport, Rhode Island - it has always been a dream to own my very own small business in the City By The Sea.  I am a graduate of Salve Regina University with both my undergraduate degree in Marketing and Business Administration and my Master of Business Administration degree. I am so lucky to have studied at such an incredible university, that also introduced me to my favorite place in the world - Newport!  Prior to...

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